sábado, 19 de febrero de 2022


The Spanish Literature Group were very pleased to be joined by Conchi da Silva, a Galician poet, at one of our recent zoom meetings.

We had found Conchi’s poems on the website of Paul Archer, a poet and translator. We were pleasantly surprised that Paul also joined us from Mallorca and discussed some of the issues in translating poetry.

Conchi’s poetry is both personal and universal. Her language is direct and her poetry very accessible. To quote Paul Archer: 'her poems are daring and dangerous, examining the vicissitudes of life with an unflinching honesty and inner strength.'

It was very interesting to be able to share some of the poems we had read and discuss our interpretations with the poet.

Click here to see author's notes and poem 'Vestidme de colores' from Conchi's book 'fisuras' in a new tab

Conchi’s book has recently been published and is available via info@shellyart.com

The society's Spanish Literature Group meets throughout the month either face to face or over Zoom.


Hace unos días aparecía esta referencia en la web de la Hispanic Society of Portsmouth sobre nuestro encuentro del pasado mes de Enero. Paul Archer, mi traductor, mi amigo, se unió al grupo y leyó algunas de sus traducciones de mis poemas. Paul fue pieza clave para aclarar algunas dudas y lograr que todo fluyese entre ellos y yo. Genial formar parte de todo esto y que él me acompañe desde el principio.